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Frequently Asked Questions

We use Enterprise grade servers by Dell or SuperMicro. We don't believe that Mac Mini's are sufficient hardware to trust with your valuable data. With our servers, you get:

  • Full ECC Memory
  • Redundant CPU's
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Hardware RAID Controllers
  • All hosted in Enterprise Datacenters

Our Shared FileMaker Servers offer an inexpensive way to gain, a higher level of security and reliability over using a peer-to-peer setup. Here are some other benefits to using FileMaker Server:

  • Backups are completely automated
  • FileMaker Server runs as a service or process
  • Support a greater number of users and files
  • SSL Support is standard

When you use a hosting service, you benefit in several areas. Bandwidth, security, and redundancy just to name a few.

All of our severs and equipment reside in world class Datacenters with unprecedented security and redundancy. Not to mention fiber connections to many tier 1 networks.

For the most part, yes! FileMaker operates best when the connection between your computer and the server is a low latency connection. Latency is the time it takes to send packets of data between your computer and the server.

Because of this, we have opted to use multiple data centers across the globe. All are in major hubs and should provide a low latency, fast and reliable connection.

Each Shared hosting plan will have it's own limits. For dedicated servers, your only limit is the hardware package you purchase!

We have built a custom web portal that makes it easy for you to manage your databases. You can perform standard operations on your files like:

  • Start and Stop Databases
  • Download and Upload Databases
  • Access to backups
  • Run live ADHOC backups
Yes! We will support Server Side, Web Publishing, and AutoUpdates of plug-ins. Just send us a note.

There are several RDP clients available on both Mac and Windows. You will also use the FileMaker Admin Tool.

If you are on our Shared Hosting Plans, you share the server and its resources amongst the other users on that same server. If you have a Dedicated FileMaker server, all those resources are 100% dedicated to hosting your FileMaker Application.
You can, but it will not be supported. If it's found to cause issues with the FileMaker Server Software, we will redeploy your server back to a clean factory state.

If you are on our Shared FileMaker Servers, we support most 64bit Windows plug-ins for server-side operations.

If you are on our Dedicated FileMaker Servers, we can support any OS compatible plug-in for your server.

**If the plug-in is found to cause issues on a Shared FileMaker Server, we reserve the right to disable it.**

Yes! Please send support an email with the SQL version, DSN Name, Server address, database user account/password, and database name. We will setup the DSN for you.

We currently deploy IIS on Windows 2008 and 2012 server.

We have the Windows based IIS rewrite enabled for clean URLs.

**We DO NOT resell domain names.**

We currently support PHP 5.3 on up, Lasso 8.1, and Lasso 9.

We accept all major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

We also accept PayPal and check (Check is prepaid for 12 months).

**We can offer Net 10 terms to large clients.**

We do not offer refunds on partial months. If you cancel service in the beginning or middle of a billing cycle, you will be billed for the full month.