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Need Someone To Monitor Your Server?


Do you want to host your own FileMaker Server? We can provide a low cost monitoring solution to keep an eye on your mission critical, in-house or colocated FileMaker Server!

We will install a series of tools that will allow us to remotely access & monitor: hard drive space, CPU utilization, RAM usage, as well as gathering the FileMaker Log Files for analysis, in near real-time.

We can send you a text, email, and/or phone call with the alert based on flags for certain errors.

Cost is per month: $50/FileMaker Server/Month

1 Hour hands on support/month included, $75/hr after. No rollover months.

  • Monitor Processes/Services
  • Trap for WPE 701 Errors
  • Multiple Invalid Login Attempts
  • Low Hard Drive Space
  • Low Memory
  • High CPU Usage

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